Director's Message

Our school welcomes all with a optimistic prospective and promises the students and teachers to provide them an environment, where the students can improve and can be successful.

We provide a very enthusiastic, loving and supportive atmosphere to our students which nourishes their social and moral growth. We strengthen our students to challenge their limits so that they could extract out their hidden talents and abilities. We are a family which is recognised as a symbol of love and respect by every student.

The school have a wonderful team of dedicated, active and profound teachers which inspire the children with their work, teaching and experiences. We are committed to provide an innovative academic, cultural and pragmatic excellence by empowering our students, so that they can be life –long learners.

I highly thankful to Almighty God and pray to him to guide us for this service to the society as long as he can.

Mr. Anand Samson
(Managing Director)